posted on 17.01.11 Last post. For real this time. I swear!

I’ll be leaving Korea forever in a few weeks, which has led me to reflect on many things that have happened to me these past years.  Meeting great friends, creating amazing experiences, and—of course—all my sexual and dating misadventures.

I certainly learned a lot from them, though.  Most notably, I have realized that I can only seriously date guys who are native English speakers and culturally similar to me.  I also learned that, in case there was ever any doubt, I am not bi.  And that no matter how bad I think the state of sexual education is in the States, it is nowhere near as awful as it is here.  o_O

The thought of having some of my sluttiest moments up on the internet never bothered me until recently, so I’ve decided to make all my old posts private.  Just in case I ever have a need to look back and reminisce about all those terrible/awesome nights I will be able to… but none of you can!  Sorry~

Thanks for reading and stuff, though.  I’m glad I was able to get this all out of my system, have a crazy time, and I will be able to leave with no regrets.  I should also have a hot Asian-American piece there for me when I get back to America, so my past self will continue to live out her fantasies while my current self stays sane.  안녕!